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If It Has Wheels Or An Engine And You Have An Idea, We Have The Expertise

If you have identified a need within your own business; have seen an opportunity in the market for a product that either doesn't exist or is prohibitively expensive or are simply looking to increase your market share; Hummingbird Electronics would like to discuss your opportunity with you. With an ever increasing range of standard products and the capability to produce new products quickly, Hummingbird Electronics is looking to partner with leading distributors to achieve mutual growth.

Business Excellence Award 2011 As well as offering a diversified range of automotive products; Hummingbird Electronics will design and manufacture cost optimised electronic devices, for all kinds of vehicles, to suit your application.

At Hummingbird Electronics, we differentiate ourselves by forming close partnerships with leading distributors to bring new, appropriately priced and innovative products to the market through distribution.

We understand the importance of distribution and the value in the customer relationships and specific market knowledge that distribution achieves. Our joint ventures are successful because together, we manage the customer's need, technical expertise and way to market.

Based in Australia, with design expertise around the world and access to manufacturing resources locally and in Asia; Hummingbird Electronics is ready to make your idea reality.

In 2009 we won a "Highly Commended" in the "Innovation" Category in the BEC Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards. In 2010 we are proud to announce that we won the "Export Award". It has been announced that we are finalist in the 2011 BEC Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards.

Standard Products

Unlimited possibilities
  • GPS Speed Sender
  • Digital GPS Speedometer
  • Fully Featured GPS Speedometer with Odometer
  • GPS Trip Meter
  • Inclinometer Display Unit
  • Tilt-Sensor & Switches
  • USB Configurable Tilt-Switch
  • Remotely Configurable Force & Rate Detector
  • Accident Detector
  • Harsh Braking
  • Impact Sensor
  • Tamper Detector
  • Automotive Power Supplies
  • Stemming Timer

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Case Studies

Status Awareness System

Status Awareness System

We were approached by a rally team from Tasmania to develop a system to minimise the danger posed by a vehicle stopped on the track. We worked with the Rallysafe team and race organisation to identify the risks experienced by drivers and to specify a system that would make the race safer.

Hummingbird Electronics Pty Ltd designed and produced a product called RallySafe - Status Awareness System.

Each accident that a vehicle passes is logged by the unit and reported back to race control via radio for further investigation.

In addition to making rallies safer, the unit also keeps a log of time versus the vehicle’s position, speed and the g-forces experienced by the vehicle. This information can be used to clarify event times and to confirm the honesty of entrants in the race.

GPS Speed Senders

A global distributor of fuel management systems relied on distance information, as supplied by traditional gearbox pulse senders. The senders required periodic calibration, were different on every vehicle and unreliable. What's more, many new vehicles started being supplied without pulse sender units meaning that the vehicle's electronics had to be interfered with to obtain odometer information.

Hummingbird Electronics designed and produces a range of GPS pulse sender units that require no calibration, are the same every time, are reliable and produce odometer information independent of the vehicle's electronics. Other GPS senders produced by Hummingbird Electronics can also be used to provide speed information to tachos, boat and other vehicle speedometers, farming equipment and many other speed dependant devices.

Reliable DC-DC Converters

Power converters from 24V to 12V are widely available in the market. Finding a reliable converter that will work in Australian conditions, and that provides protection for the attached equipment in the event of catastrophic failure is a lot more difficult.

Hummingbird Electronics designed and produces a range of low cost power-converters that convert from 24V to 12 and many other voltages. The supplies are protected against transients, have LED power good indicators, offer additional output voltage filtering, are current limited and isolate the output in the event of reverse polarity on the input, or a catastrophic failure.


Automated undersea mining equipment often works in the harshest, zero visibility conditions and relies on high cost Gyroscopes to determine the vehicle orientation and most importantly, it's tilt. A large diamond producer was experiencing increasing down-time due to failing Gyroscopes. Hummingbird Electronics designed and manufactured ruggedised tilt sensors that communicate three dimensional orientation to the ship based monitoring system. The same sensors can be used to indicate tilt in mining equipment, trucks or other vehicles.

Forming partnerships with distribution