Speedometer Calibrator (HMSC8000C)

True Speed, No Matter What You've Done To Your Vehicle

Hummingbird's Speedometer Calibrator corrects signals from both hall-effect and inductive speed sensors, compensating for both manufacturer and user-induced errors.

Electronic systems in vehicles require accurate speed information to operate correctly. Hummingbird's simple to install Speedometer Calibrator corrects for common sources of error and provides accurate speed without having to change the mechanics of the vehicle.

Powerful Performance

Designed for harsh automotive environments the module features transient voltage protection on the supply and short circuit protected outputs. The unit is designed to work from 6V to 30V and so is suitable for use in motorcycles, cars and trucks.

Common sources of speed error include:
  • 2% to 10% error direct from the manufacturer
  • Change of wheel or tyre size
  • Gearing changes: sprockets, differentials etc.
  • Replacement of gearbox, engine or differential
  • Instrument cluster / speedo faceplate change
The Speedometer Calibrator is able to compensate for signal errors by dividing the input signal down to as low as 1/8th and up to as high as 8 times in 0.1% increments.

Level-sensing technology means that a single unit can be used with both hall-effect and inductive speed sensors. Signal duplication technology means that the amplitude of the input signal is replicated on the output resulting in more reliable operation in more vehicles.

Benefits Of A Calibrated Speedo

  • Know how fast you really are going
  • Road legal after customisation
  • Odometer won't show more kilometers than you actually have driven
  • Accurate fuel consumption figures

Electrical Characteristics

  • Pulse per Kilometer range (1000 to 40000)
  • Adjustable range: 12.5% though 800% in 0.1% increments
  • Adjustment precision: 0.1% - via multi-turn potentiometer
  • Input voltage: 6V to 30V
  • Power consumption: 240mW, 20mA at 12V; 480mW, 20mA at 24V
  • Input pulse amplitude: min 250mV
  • Output signal (hall effect mode): 0/5V in 5V mode; 0/Vin in Vin mode; maximum 25mA drain
  • Output signal (inductive mode) : ±2.5V in 5V mode; ±Vin/2 in Vin mode; maximum 10mA drain

Interface Specifications

All units:
  • Red: input voltage (6V to 30V)
  • Black: ground (0V)
  • Yellow: pulse in
  • Green: pulse out

Physical Characterisics

Size: 35mm (L), 52mm (W), 21mm (H)


Hummingbird Electronics has designed the product for use in a broad range of applications. It is however solely the customer's responsibility to evaluate the device and determine it's suitability in their end application.

Hummingbird Electronics does not suggest or make any recommendation as to the suitability of parameters that determine angle, height, impact, speed, force, accident, harsh braking, roll-over or rate-of-turn events, input or output voltage or current. Parameter values stated or implied in this document are for explanation only and should not be taken as typical or representative of a real world situation.


Products are not authorised for use in critical safety or other applications where a failure may reasonably be expected to result in personal injury, loss of life, or catastrophic property damage. If a customer uses or sells the products for use in any such applications, the customer acknowledges that such use or sale is at customer's sole risk. The customer will indemnify, defend or hold Hummingbird Electronics and their electronic component suppliers/assemblers harmless from and against any and all liabilities and costs arising out of or in connection with use of product or sale.
Speedometer Calibrator
  • Speedometer Calibrator

Price (AUD, ex GST) $142.23


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