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Welcome to Hummingbird Electronics

Australian owned and based in New South Wales, Hummingbird Electronics are market leading electronics design experts and bespoke Australian made manufacturers who are ready to make your idea a reality. 


Hummingbird Electronics consults with suppliers to the transport and mining sectors to identify opportunities for new, innovative products. Where it can be established that there is a market for a new product, it is designed and manufactured in Australia, using in-house and outsourced resources. Standard products are marketed directly to key customers, through distribution and on the internet to customers within Australia and internationally.


Custom products are designed and manufactured specifically for individual customer needs. By designing for our key customers, we enhance our relationships, build on existing intellectual property and expand our technology base.

Featured Products

Audio Alert System


Hummingbird Electronics 16 Channel Audio Alert System provides vehicle operators clear and precise verbal alerts when an input trigger has been detected.

Dual Axis Inclinometer - Compact


The Hummingbird Compact Dual Axis Inclinometer is a small and compact inclinometer which gives operators an accurate pitch and roll readout, ideally suited for farming and smaller construction machinery.

GPS Speed Alert, incl. Windscreen Mount


The Hummingbird GPS Speed Alert (windscreen mount) is an accurate and receptive digital speedometer with settable over-speed alert. It is compact and connects to your vehicle via the cigarette lighter power plug meaning no install or calibration is required.

RF Battery Monitor Kit


Hummingbird Electronics' RF Battery Monitor allows the user to monitor up to 16 remote battery's without having to run wires to them.