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Environmental Statement

Hummingbird Electronics is a provider of high-quality electronic products and recognises the importance of reducing its impact on the environment. Hummingbird Electronics is continuously seeking to balance its business needs whilst improving the local and global environment.


We are committed to:

  • Complying with environmental laws and regulations relating to environmental aspects defined by Redarc.
  • Implementing environmental objectives across the business to reduce environmental impact.
  • Measure energy and water consumption and minimise impact where feasible.
  • Encourage all employees to recycle items which impact the environment.
  • Engaging employees in environmental programs and initiatives.
  • Recording and reviewing its environmental performance.
  • Communicating environmental matters to interested parties.


Hummingbird's commitment to continuously reviewing and reducing its environmental impact is demonstrated by Hummingbirds accreditation to ISO 14001:2015


Anthony Kittel

CEO & Managing Director

Date: 23/03/2017