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Safety Statement

Redarc is a providor of high quality electronic products and operates a company philosophy of "Safety First" with the invlovement of all employees as detailed by our company slogan "Safety: we are all in charge".

  • Redarc is committed to provide a safe working environment for its employees and all other parties coming or working on Redarc sites (customers and suppliers, visitors and contractors) above and beyond the regulation requirements.

Redarc is convinced of the importance of prevention to manage safety appropriately and encourage its employees to report hazard, near miss and any incident. Redarc uses the Risk Assessment methodolgy to assess and control (eliminate, reduce or mitigate) the risks identified.

Redarc endeavour to design and manufacture safe products by:

  • developing compliant safety products
  • working with its customers and experts to understand the possible safety implication of failures
  • designing product and processes with a particular focus on safety; identifying and controlling the critical characteristic of Redarc products
  • deploying the safety management to its suppliers, ensuring that the relevent controls are in place to guarantee the safety characteristics along the supply chain.

Redarc aims to achieve"zero safety incidents" (people & product).

Redarc believes its employees are central for providing a safe environment and safe products. This is done by ensuring that all employees understand that they have an important role to play in matters concerning safety, by having a positive attitude related to reporting problems, issues or concerns and by embracing the continuous improvement approach.

Redarc invests significantly in employee training and communicates regularly on safety related matters.


Anthony Kittel

CEO & Managing Director

Date: 30/11/2016