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Hummingbird release Integrated Compact Ball Bank

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Hummingbird Electronics are excited to announce that we have released an Integrated Compact Ball Bank (HMBB0400).

It is a device that is used to measure roll with the use of an integrated accelerometer. It requires no costly installation and is operated by simply plugging into a cigarette adapter or directly connecting to power and ground.

The unit features a full colour screen allowing for easy interpretation of roll angle of up to 20 degrees. It is also multi-voltage and can work in 12 and 24V vehicles.

It requires no external sensor and will update roll measurements ten times a second. In-built warning and alarm levels are configurable to a pre-determined angle, when the roll exceed this angle the alarm will sound, and a visual warning will appear on the display.

The sensitivity function allows the user to set how sensitive the device is. A higher value will cause the device to be very resistant to quick changes in acceleration like a rough road for example, whereas setting the sensitivity to a lower value will cause the device to be sensitive to changes in acceleration.

The Integrated Compact Ball Bank is designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions and comes with a hassle-free 2 year warrenty should an unlikely issue arise with the product.

For more information, click here.

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