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Battery Monitoring… Wirelessly!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Hummingbird Electronics’ RF Battery Monitor allows you to wirelessly monitor the Main Vehicle, Auxiliary, Caravan, Boat, Jet Ski, Fridge, Solar and many other batteries simultaneously. Even the battery in that motor bike you never ride!

For drivers with heavy trailers or caravans, it is important to know that the breakaway battery is also fully charged and ready for action, keeping you safe. After a long journey, making sure the beers are cold and the meat is fresh, will by some, be considered almost as important! Hummingbird Electronics’ RF Battery Monitor is the perfect solution.

Hummingbird Electronics’ RF Battery Monitor allows you to custom name each battery and can be optioned to monitor up to 4 batteries wirelessly providing real-time battery voltages. Using coded radio frequencies, it can also achieve this monitoring of batteries with distances up to 100M! It requires no wiring on the vehicle side with the only connection to the vehicle being that the receiver (screen) is plugged into the vehicles standard cigarette lighter socket, however, many users choose to wire more permanently by removing the cigarette plug and wiring direct to the vehicle auxiliary or ignition circuit. As for the remote battery being monitored, the transmitter simply connects to the battery positive and negative terminals, then with little effort is paired with the receiver.

In the event the monitored battery voltage drops below a user settable threshold, the screen changes colour, and if the option in the user menu, a buzzer will sound.  As mentioned above, the HMBE RF Battery Monitor can provide a real-time voltage-readout of the battery from which it is powered, for instance, your start battery. However, you can choose to ignore this voltage and option an extra transmitter monitoring another battery wirelessly. It too is multi-voltage (12/24V) and therefore dissimilar battery types and/or voltages are no trouble.

The Hummingbird Electronics’ RF Battery Monitor Kit is part numbered HMRF2000, it comes supplied with a Compact High-Resolution Colour Monitor, a Strong Compact Windscreen Mount, Cigarette Lighter Plug for connection to power and one Wireless RF Battery Transmitter. You can choose to purchase extra transmitters for monitoring extra batteries simply by ordering part number HMRF0020

For further information on these and many other fantastic Australian Designed and Manufactured products, please visit Hummingbird Electronics at or call them on 1300 155 541.

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