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Hummingbird's GPS Speed Alert Features Industry Leading Track Day Mode

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Have you ever wanted to know just how fast your car, motorbike or off-road racer is? Do you want the ability to easily compare your driving abilities or vehicle performance with that of your mates? 

The team at Hummingbird Electronics have done just that.



Presenting the HMSA4000B GPS Speed Alert which now features Track Day Mode. By utilising both the American GPS and Russian GLONASS satellite networks, the HMSA4000B provides a wealth of standard features including:

  •          Highly accurate speed readings in your choice of km/h, mph and knots
  •          Customisable over speed warnings
  •          Suitable for both 12 and 24V applications
  •          GPS Digital Odometer
  •          And now featuring the much anticipated “Track Day Mode”.


This speedometer from Hummingbird is not designed to encourage speeding or street racing, this new Track Day Mode menu option is intended for off road use only and includes such features as: 

  1. 0 – 60KPH - Time Trials
  2. 0 – 100KPH - Time Trials
  3. Max Speed - Highest Speed Achieved
  4. 60 Foot Time - How quick can you launch your vehicle
  5. 1/8 Mile - Racing at a shorter length with lower terminal speeds
  6. ¼ Mile - Standard 400M Drag Race
  7. GPS Lap Mode - Race around a Circuit without having the need of a separate transponder
  8. GPS Finish - Timed Hill Climbs and Rally Stage Events made easy


Hummingbird have also provided a choice of starting options:

  • Countdown - Traditional READY, SET, GO!
  • Active Start - GPS Triggered Timing by Sensing Vehicle Location and Movement


Your best times will be saved in the included Stats menu, featuring top times and speeds achieved.

This new feature will also provide vehicle performance workshops an affordable cost effective method of providing their customers a real time before and after result of any vehicle enhancements that may have been carried out.

For more information on the Track Day Mode and a host of other features of Hummingbird GPS Speedometer visit the HMSA4000B page or contact the Hummingbird office.


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