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Hummingbird Electronics release new RF Battery Monitor Kit

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Hummingbird Electronics is proud to announce the release of its updated RF Battery Monitor Kit (HMRF2000B) which can now remotely monitor up to 16 batteries simultaneously.

To be released in June of 2018, the RF Battery Monitor is an upgrade on what has already proven to be one of Hummingbird’s most popular products since its initial release in 2015.



The key difference for the 2000B from its precursor the 2000 is the number of batteries it is now capable of monitoring, increasing from 4 to 16. The ability to monitor 16 batteries makes it an ideal solution for every fleet owner and is the perfect fit for industries where there are numerous vehicles with multiple onboard batteries such as agriculture, civil construction, machinery hire and marine.

 Simple to install and operate, the RF Battery Monitor allows the user to monitor the voltage of up to 16 remote batteries and displays its status via a single remote colour screen. It is multi-voltage compatible (12/24V) and it works with all types of batteries, meaning that monitoring contrasting battery types and voltages is not an issue. Batteries can also be given individual names that are relevant to their application for ease of use and management.

Easy to install and operate, the RF Battery Monitor requires no wiring on the vehicle, with installation as simple as plugging the receiver (screen) into a vehicle’s standard cigarette lighter socket, or other power supplies applicable to desktop or benchtop management.  As for the monitoring of the batteries, it is as simple as connecting a transmitter to the battery positive & negative terminals and then pairing with the remote receiver display.

The user can also set a customisable threshold for the batteries voltage, signalling the unit and putting it into an alarm status if the battery reaches the designated level. In alarm status mode the battery icon changes colour and the battery name will flash. Additionally, the screen will also alternate colour to signal that a battery has gone into deficit. It will also give out an audible warning, with 5 pulses (beeps) sounding before going silent again.

One of the key improvements to this product has been the change from Bluetooth to an RF Technology protocol, which has allowed the unit to improve its reliability whilst ultimately improving signal strength over longer distances (up to 100 meters).

Speaking of the new product release, Hummingbird’s National Sales and Marketing Manager, Mark Bruce, said “The new RF Battery Monitor is a valued option to improve battery management for anybody with multiple batteries. Whether you want to monitor the batteries in your caravan or are managing a fleet of vehicles where there are many vehicle batteries, the HMRF2000B has you covered.”

“It is widely known that a high percentage of batteries are replaced through a matter of convenience, even when they are not flat, which is why the HMRF2000B will prove to be an invaluable tool in preventing that from ever happening again.”

The Hummingbird Electronics RF Battery Monitor Kit comes supplied with a compact high-resolution colour monitor, a Wireless RF Battery Transmitter, a cigarette lighter plug for connection to power and a sturdy mount so it can be installed onto or alongside just about any surface. You can choose to purchase additional RF Transmitters by ordering part number HMRF0020.

Like all Hummingbird products, the RF Battery Monitor has been designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards of quality. For more information on this product and other similar products for vehicles and fleets, please visit the Hummingbird Electronics website at or contact them directly on 1300 155 541

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