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The Hummingbird HMDS1000B Dual Axis Inclinometer Kit perfect for increased vehicle roll over safety

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Industrial, mining, civil, defence, transport and machinery hire industries continue to battle with safety, not only for the operators of their equipment but also the machinery. The costs associated with near misses and reported events is huge, not only on a time and monetary level but so too with people’s lives. Hummingbird Electronics has a suite of safety focused products designed to help protect both people and equipment, none more so than the HMDS1000B Dual Axis Inclinometer.

Large equipment and customised vehicles like earthmoving machinery, water trucks, heavy transport vehicles as well as caravans and motorhomes tend to inherit a high centre of gravity which means a large portion of their weight is carried high up off the road surface. This makes the machine in mention top heavy and vulnerable to roll overs. That said however, it’s not only machines and environmental hazards that need to be contended with but also operator experience and behaviour which remains an enormous part of the problem.

The Hummingbird Electronics HMDS1000B Dual-Axis Inclinometer provides operators of machinery with a highly visible pitch and roll measurement display, which is user configurable. The unit has two internal relays, internal buzzer and individually-configurable warning and alarm thresholds for maximum versatility. The unit allows customisation of sensor response times to allow maximum flexibility in various applications like vehicles travelling along rough surfaces which could be susceptible to false triggers. Alarms and warnings can be configured from the integrated menu and saved to an internal memory.

Designed for harsh industrial environments, the module features a tough fascia with integrated buttons and LCD graphics display. An industrial adjustable mount allows for optimising the position for the operator. Both pitch and roll can simultaneously be displayed in either a numerical, graphical or a combination of both and can optionally made to invert in the event of an alarm or warning condition. The screen is highly visible both day and night due to the use of our industrially rated Transflective Graphics LCD Display.

The integrated keypad allows for customisation of;

  • The displays in application calibration
  • Warning and alarm setups
  • Minimum and maximum tilt display
  • Sensor customisation.

Included in this kit is the HMTS2F0000B 2-Axis RS485 Tilt Sensor. This highly accurate sensor comes standard with a 15m wiring loom attached. When used in combination with the included Command Display Module, accuracy of one degree and customisable frequency responses are achievable.

Integrated alarm and warning relays provide normally open, normally closed and common outputs. Both warnings and alarms can be configured to be normally-on or normally-off. An optional password protection is available within the setup menu and can be configured by the user to limit access by machine operators. The Inclinometer Command Display Module is supplied in a rugged ABS plastic enclosure with a polycarbonate fascia. The included fully adjustable RAM 1" Ball Mount can be attached to the vehicle, or optional suction cup mounts are available. All Power, Outputs and the Sensor connections are made via a Deutsch DT12 socket located at the rear of the Command Display Module. The wiring loom is made from flame-retardant Exane© wire.

Hummingbird Electronics' products are designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards of quality and will provide many years of reliable service. For these and more safety focused products see the full Hummingbird product catalogue or contact us directly on 1300 155 541.


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