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Case Study - United Safety & Survivability Corporation

Case Study - United Safety & Survivability Corporation

Client Introduction


United Saftey & Survivability Corporation


United Safety & Survivability Corporation is a leading supplier of innovative and reliable safety technology solutions for industry and defence.

United Safety product lines include fire safety and suppression, safety and survivability systems for vehicles, specialised seating systems for transport, emergency services and military vehicles, and specialised solutions for industries spanning mining, forestry, construction, mass transit, recycling, agriculture and energy.

Guided by their mantra, “We save lives”, United Safety’s highly engineered products, manufacturing capabilities, and a global footprint deliver best-in-class products to their customers.




United Safety & Survivability Corporation saw a gap in the market for integrated system monitoring for fire suppression systems used in vehicles and machinery.

Existing fire suppression systems were based on long established, analogue technology. Operators were required to perform physical system checks to ensure operability.

There were no electronic monitoring or control products in the market with all of the features that United Safety wanted.

A chance encounter between United Safety and Hummingbird Electronics staff at the Asia-Pacific International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) sparked a discussion about filling this gap.



Hummingbird was tasked with developing a prototype monitoring panel that would provide live status of the system, indicating when it was about to deploy, when it was deployed, or when it was not in a deployable state.


The Approach


Hummingbird began by scoping the product to determine what would be required to meet the client’s needs.

In the course of scoping the project, Hummingbird were able to expand on the original criteria to develop a product with a greater level of capability than that originally envisioned by United Safety.

Working collaboratively on the project, Hummingbird were able to rapidly implement new features and capabilities beyond the initial proposal.

Face-to-face meetings and collaborative testing were made easier by the companies being located nearby to one another, improving the speed to market of the process.

Once a base range of products was established, adaptations could be swiftly actioned and turned into market-ready products.

“When we began scoping the product, United Safety discovered that Hummingbird’s capabilities allowed for more features and greater functionality than they had envisioned,” says Scott Montgomery, Mining and Industrial Sales Manager for the REDARC Group. “Our collaborative approach resulted in a range of products that can be easily expanded to suit different markets and applications.”


A Customised Solution


Hummingbird developed a range of fire panels for United Safety that can be incorporated into new fire suppression systems or retrofitted to existing ones.

The panels utilise a number of sensor types, including thermal and smoke detectors. Methane detection can be used for gas-powered machines.

For systems that rely on analogue pressurised liquid tube detectors, the panels can detect a loss of or increase in pressure in these systems. Lineal detection wires, which consist of two electrical wires separated by insulation that melts in the event of a fire to create a circuit, can also be utilised, either instead of the pressurised tube systems or alongside them to provide redundancy.

Hummingbird delivered a range of fire panels to United Safety. In addition to the Compact Panel, there is a Premium Panel, which features a battery backup. This feature allows the system to function in cases where the vehicle’s battery is isolated when parked up.


The Fire Panel by Hummingbird


Another panel was developed for the US market, which features a button for the operator to manually activate the fire suppression system.

In 2020, United Safety acquired QTEC, a firm that specialised in foam spray systems for the forestry industry. Having created a range of fire panel products, it was a simple process for Hummingbird to create a new variant fire panel that integrates with existing QTEC systems.

The panels keep a log of events, allowing operators to view the operational history of the system.

All models of the fire panel feature a PWM output, allowing them to be integrated into existing telematics systems so that the status of the fire suppression system can be monitored remotely.


Fogmaker Overview Video from United Safety.


The Results


“After initial meetings and review of product potential it made sense to partner with REDARC based on market demand and identified gaps in the Fire, Safety & Survivability industry.”

United Safety’s General Manager, Danny Dries, went on to say, “After the design and engagement phase, United Safety were pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of the REDARC team above the proposed product expectations.

We could say the rest is history but the results and relationship over the years has cemented both United Safety & REDARC and one of the strongest and fastest growing partnerships witnessed in both United Safety & REDARC external markets.

From our compact to our premium panel offerings, we have supplied and installed > 10,000 units worldwide ranging across Australia, United States and New Zealand. The quality supplied by REDARC has allowed United Safety to offer the market the best automatic Fire Suppression System offerings while providing reliability second to none.

Both QTEC & Fogmaker fire suppression systems are the 2 product lines delivered through our United Safety business units and distributors and are to this day still supported by the long standing REDARC relationship and products.

United Safety are also pleased to announce that we have just signed a multi-year supply agreement with REDARC to provide the ongoing supply and product support as we have witnessed over the years.”



About Hummingbird


Hummingbird Electronics develop market leading Australian made products with a comprehensive portfolio including audio-visual alarms and alert systems, monitoring and detection systems, inclinometers and tilt switches, GPS trip meters, speedometers, and trailer odometers, as well as digital signboards.

Key customers continue to bring great ideas to Hummingbird’s team of Electronics Engineers who provide a full-service capability to conceptualise and design advanced electronic products, ultimately delivering new and exciting technologies to the mining, civil construction, industrial, and fleet management industries.

Hummingbird Electronics is part of the REDARC Group, along with REDARC Electronics and REDARC Defence Systems.


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