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Case Study - SGESCO-MAX

Case Study - SGESCO-MAX

Client Introduction


SGESCO-MAX - the home of MAX-SAFE products – has been a leader in developing advanced vehicle safety solutions for a host of industries that use heavy vehicles and related equipment day in and day out.

SGESCO-MAX create active and passive vehicle safety devices and warning systems to help solve our customer’s complex safety challenges and are known for being a solutions-driven company. The SGESCO-MAX Research and Development team has developed a range of products, such as anti-rollaway breaking sensors, reverse and side watch radars, seat belt and driver warning systems, as well as speed and RPM limiting control devices.

The key benefits to SGESCO-MAX’s clients’ organisations include enhanced safety, reduced driver risk, reduced property damage and reduced insurance claims. Overall, SGESCO-MAX enhance both company performance and workplace health and safety.

Today, across the Australian and Asia Pacific regions, SGESCO-MAX’s solutions are used in thousands of heavy vehicles as part of tailored factory-built solutions, or as aftermarket safety modifications.




SGESCO-MAX have been successful in producing high quality, commercial-grade solutions for vehicles through vehicle safety technologies that reduce risk and protect people and property.

The decision to approach SGESCO-MAX was made due to their products being significantly complementary to the bespoke power management and safety solutions that Hummingbird are able to offer.

Also complementary to Hummingbird’s value to industry, SGESCO-MAX has been solving complex vehicle challenges to produce better vehicle performance and improve safety outcomes for drivers, occupants, and the public, across a wide range of industries for over 50 years.


Task & Approach


Hummingbird Electronics was founded in April 2008 by an electronic engineer, Norman Ballard. Before moving to Australia, Norman worked for several large engineering firms in his native South Africa. After moving to Australia, Norman identified a need for a company to solve problems unique to Australia, its regulations, and its unique environment. When Norman first moved to Australia from South Africa, he based himself in the Hunter Valley Port Stephens area.

Norman had made electronic GPS products for a number of other smaller companies before Marc McPherson from SGESCO-MAX heard of Hummingbird. Marc then flew to the Hunter Valley to meet with Norman, and to discuss several of Marc’s ideas.  

Hummingbird began by scoping the design ideas provided by SGESCO-MAX, then created a suite of products with feature sets that allowed for iteration, so as to improve and expand SGESCO-MAX’s reach into new markets and applications.

A base system that started as a speed limiter was quickly iterated upon, to become the early version of the MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway Brake System™ unit.

“SGESCO-MAX is a big part of Hummingbirds industrial heavy vehicle safety strategy; that is, to ensure drivers are less at risk, passengers and pedestrians are kept safe, and there is a reduction of machinery and property damage. Working collaboratively with SGESCO-MAX has enabled Hummingbird to help design and manufacture a custom range of products that are sold and implemented by SGESCO-MAX and their dealer network across Australia.“


The MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway Brake System™


SGESCO-MAX have gone through three major iterations of the product in the decade since it was originally developed by Hummingbird, in response to evolving customer requirements. The product has become a core offering for SGESCO-MAX and has definitely been an important step for where Hummingbird is today.

The MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway Brake System™ provides an active safety solution in the event of a driver neglecting to fully apply the park brake before leaving their vehicle.



When the vehicle is at low speed, the park brake is monitored to ensure that it is FULLY applied – a dedicated lever position sensor is installed to test this condition. With mechanical type park brake systems, the original park brake switch will activate even if the park brake lever has only just been slightly applied delivering negligible braking effectiveness. Systems that only utilise warnings (audible/visual) to alert the driver can still leave the vehicle in an unsafe state.

The system monitors if the door is opened, to detect when someone may be exiting the vehicle. If this is detected, the park brake is not automatically applied, but the MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway Brake System™ sounds a warning. If the driver then leaves their seat and exits the vehicle, the MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway Brake System™ activates immediately: sounding an external horn with a solid ongoing alarm, turning a warning LED on and continuously sounding the internal buzzer – the park brakes are then applied, and the vehicle is prevented from rolling away.

Get more information about the MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway Brake System™ here.



The Results


Marc was impressed with Hummingbird’s quick turnaround time from concept to prototype. SGESCO-MAX also invested in their own hardware tools so they could program the units to the feature set that was required.

The working collaboration continues today, some 12 years on from the day Marc first reached out to Hummingbird.


About Hummingbird


Hummingbird Electronics develop market leading Australian-made products, with a comprehensive portfolio that includes audio-visual alarms and alert systems, monitoring and detection systems, inclinometers and tilt switches, GPS trip meters, speedometers, trailer odometers, and digital signboards.

Key customers continue to bring great ideas to Hummingbird’s team of Electronics Engineers, who provide a full-service capability to conceptualise and design advanced electronic products, ultimately delivering new and exciting technologies to the mining, civil construction, industrial, and fleet management industries.

In 2015, REDARC acquired Hummingbird Electronics. Hummingbird is renowned for their bespoke product development, unparalleled specialist knowledge, and most importantly for quality customer service. REDARC and Hummingbird are highly complementary with their comprehensive product portfolios, industry-leading technological and innovative excellence, together with outstanding staff.


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