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Resurgence of Australian Made

Resurgence of Australian Made

In the face of adversity, Hummingbird maintains a core belief that ‘Australian made’ is a strength.


Celebration to recession


While in February 2020, Hummingbird celebrated their Australian roots by partnering with the official Australian Made Campaign and adopting the iconic Australian Made logo, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was just around the corner ready to disrupt global supply chains and the Australian manufacturing industry.

Mr Anthony Kittel, Managing Director, explained how the global pandemic has put Australian manufacturers to the test.

“There is no doubt that the pandemic has impacted communities and the economy, and there is a long road to recovery. Yet, what we have also witnessed, is that in testing times such as these, there is an innovative spirit that becomes evident. There are impressive examples of adaption out there – whether it was businesses changing their service models from face-to-face to online or virtual models, or companies that switched to manufacturing facemasks and hand sanitiser.

“For us, our leadership team prepared several contingency plans to minimise the risk and disruption to our global business operations as well as to our valued customers. Our highest priority is the health and safety of our employees, customers, partners, and vendors while maintaining the resiliency of our business,” he said.


The resurgence of Australian made


The pandemic has thrown the spotlight on Australian made products sparking a resurgence of support for Australian manufacturers. In the face of adversity, Hummingbird maintains a core belief that ‘Australian made’ is a strength and that if supported can lead to economic growth and provide stability that leads to long-term prosperity.

And they are not alone. The official Australian Made Campaign released details of a recent Roy Morgan survey that suggests that 9 in 10 Australians believe that Australia should produce more products locally. They also recorded a stunning 400% increase in applications for Australian Made certification since January 2020.

In a recent article Australian Made Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro said, “A thriving manufacturing sector is critical to Australia’s economic future and prosperity. It continues to be a tough year for some of our Australian manufacturers and growers, so rallying behind these businesses is essentially one of the most Australian things we can do. Every dollar spent on locally made and grown products has a direct impact on the livelihoods of Aussie growers and manufacturers, as well as the wider community1.”

He also stated that, “Australia’s over-reliance on imported products has been highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Australians are placing priority on manufacturing self-sufficiency and job creation along with a renewed appetite to address the imbalance between locally made and imported products, to ensure Australia’s long-term prosperity2.”


Support Australian made, support Australian jobs


Hummingbird put early contingency plans in place during the first few months of the pandemic, which included a reduction in staff working hours and suspending non-essential spending, enabling the company to retain all of their staff.

Anthony said, “We’ve felt the benefits of customers choosing our brand over lower cost imports. Our staff were able to return to full time hours months earlier than predicted. They have demonstrated a resilient spirit and a can-do attitude, sticking together with many staff getting creative with the available resources and demonstrating excellent problem-solving skills as a team.”

“There are still challenges to face, but for now we are extremely grateful.  We thank our customers for backing Australian brands like Hummingbird. We look forward to coming out the other side of this recession more resilient than before, just as our relationships with industry has always endured,” he said.


A collection of proudly Australian designed and manufactured products 


Scott Montgomery, Mining and Industrial Sales Manager said, “Hummingbird is known for its comprehensive portfolio of market leading Australian Made audio-visual alarms and alert systems, monitoring and detection systems, inclinometers and tilt switches, GPS trip meters, speedometers, and trailer odometers as well as digital signboards.

“Beyond our off-the-shelf products, Hummingbird’s team of Electronics Engineers, based at Williamtown NSW, provide a full-service capability to conceptualise and design advanced electronic products, ultimately delivering new and exciting technologies to the mining, civil construction, industrial and fleet management, and defence industries,” he said.

 Australian Made

Audio Alert System


Hummingbird’s Audio Alert System is designed to provide the vehicle operators with clear and precise verbal alerts, allowing truck and machinery operators higher levels of safety. 


HMBE Audio Alert System



Isolation Verification Control


This Isolation Verification Control helps to prevent injuries and prevent damage to machines during maintenance by providing a visual readout of the vehicle’s true isolation state. It allows workers to conduct live testing if a machine alternator is charging or the voltage of a system is correct without having to get too close to the machine, further improving safety prospects.  


Isolation Verification



GPS Speedos and switches


GPS Speedometer technology utilises the latest GPS tracking, customisable dash mounts and GPS speed alert capabilities to suit any vehicle type or industry application. GPS Speed Switches offer easily adjustable speed thresholds and feature a voltage free output making them perfect for any vehicle type or industry application. 


GPS Speedometer



Cabin Pressure Monitor


Compare atmospheric pressure outside of the cabin versus inside and ensure that there is enough positive pressure within the cabin to keep out dust and other contaminants. With the Cabin Pressure Monitor, operators receive a timely warning of any damage or leaks and when cleaning is required. 

 Cabin Pressure Monitor


Inclinometers and tilt switches


Vehicle stability monitoring devices including inclinometers and tilt switches focus on improving safety. Monitoring the dual-axis tilt and roll-sensing of mobile machines, it can be the difference between a near miss and an accident. They provide highly visible and configurable pitch and roll measurements and display them to operators.




Silent Horn


The Silent Horn is a replacement for loud machine horns on construction and mine sites and other environments where noise reduction is paramount. Operators of loaders are now able to communicate with truck operators with a press of a button.  Truck drivers receive both visual and audio alerts, providing them with a loading machine identity without any additional external noise.

Silent Horn


For more information about Hummingbird's off-the-shelf solutions and bespoke product designed, contact us here




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2’Welcomed support for manufacturing’ AMCL website 21/10/2020

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