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Case Study - GEMCO Global Mining Company

Case Study - GEMCO Global Mining Company

Customer: GEMCO Global Mining Company


Client introduction


The client is a well-established global mining company that operates in close proximity to a residential township.




The mine operates a large number of excavators, front end loaders and rear dump trucks on the site. Excavators/Front End Loaders use their horn to signal to trucks when they are full and can move off, while trucks reversing up to excavator/FEL to load also created noise with audible reversing signals.




The company decided to explore and invest in technologies on the market to further reduce the impact of mine induced noise on properties surrounding the mining lease.


The approach


Hummingbird had an off-the-shelf solution to the diggers’ horns – the Hummingbird Silent Horn. This system is available for diggers and trucks. The vehicles pair with each other within a set distance and allow the digger to contact the truck with the press of a button. The truck driver receives a visual and audio alert without any external noise.

However, the company still faced the problem of the trucks’ reversing signal and wanted to be able to turn these off whenever a truck was paired with a digger. This would allow the reversing signal to function as normal in other situations.


Features and customisation


The Hummingbird Silent Horn for trucks consists of a display unit and an antenna, while the version for diggers also includes an Input/Output (IO) module that allows for expandable functionality.

By adding IO modules to the truck units and providing the option for the users to configure the units to suit each application, Hummingbird Electronics was able to deliver a complete solution for the company.

Configuration is a simple procedure accessed via menu options on the built-in display. When installed in a truck, the Silent Horn system can shut off the audible reversing signal when the vehicle is paired with a digger. The reversing signal functions as normal when not paired, maintaining its safety function.

This innovation has now become a standard feature in the Hummingbird Silent Horn.


The results


Hummingbird Electronics delivered 43 Silent Horn systems to the mining company and positive results have been recorded and acknowledged by neighbouring residents.

About Hummingbird


Hummingbird develop market leading Australian made products with a comprehensive portfolio including audio-visual alarms and alert systems, monitoring and detection systems, inclinometers and tilt switches, GPS trip meters, speedometers, and trailer odometers, as well as digital signboards.

Key customers continue to bring great ideas to Hummingbird’s team of Electronics Engineers who provide a full-service capability to conceptualise and design advanced electronic products, ultimately delivering new and exciting technologies to the mining, civil construction, industrial, and fleet management industries.




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