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Hummingbird Electronics Launches Third Gear Selected Alarm System

Friday, 4 March 2022

Third Gear Warning Alarm by Hummingbird Electronics


Hummingbird is excited to launch the latest and greatest in geared alarm systems.

The Third Gear Warning System monitors and alerts the operator if they’ve selected forward or reverse in third gear, preventing damage to the track and drive train.

Using the third gear on your dozer can reduce the lifetime of the trucks by 50%. This can result in tens of thousands of dollars spent on replacements, depending on the model of your dozer. When the third gear is selected, the systems’ outputs activate a critical alarm/LED warning, which will appear on the dash along with an external flashing beacon, if connected.

The purpose of the Hummingbird Electronics Third Gear Warning System is to monitor and alert if the
operator has selected either forward or reverse and a third gear. If this function has been selected an alarm/LED warning alert will appear on the dash with an external flashing beacon in the ROPS, if required. The third gear has to be selected for a short period of time to confirm the warning system to occur. The control device will alert the operator after the machine has selected third gear for a period of three seconds. This delay prevents unnecessary alerts in the event of gear selection errors. This device is designed to prevent any damage and prolong the life expectancy of the undercarriage of the vehicle. The warning system can be paired with other Hummingbird devices, such as the Audio Alert System or Combination LED and buzzer to further improve longevity of your fleet.

Mining and Industrial Sales Manager, Scott Montgomery said, “Mining and earth moving companies have operators with varying levels of skill. At Hummingbird, we are very happy to come up with an alarm solution that will help these companies to keep their machinery running for longer, no matter who is in the operators seat.”

To complete your alarm system setup, pair up the Third Gear Selected Alarm with one of Hummingbird’s staple products, the Audio Alert System. These alarms are also complimented by the Combination Warning LED And Buzzer.

Like all Hummingbird products, the Third Gear Selected Alarm System is backed by nation-wide support, including a 2-year hassle free warranty and after-sales service to answer any questions.

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