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Hummingbird finalists for Hunter Manufacturing Awards

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Hummingbird Electronics is proud to announce its selection as a finalist in the Hunter Manufacturing Awards (HMA). The company entered two award categories including, Excellence in Innovation and Excellence in Product Design.

The HMA awards are an opportunity to inspire and encourage excellence in manufacturing throughout the Hunter, Central Coast and Mid-North regions. The HMA awards include a total of thirteen categories including, Excellence in Technology, Environmental Excellence, Excellence in Safety to name a few.

The award for Excellence in Innovation recognises an innovated product, improving the quality or safety of manufacturing products, an increase in sales or contributes to the reduction of cost.

Excellence in Product Design outlines the form, function, quality, safety and environmental sustainability of product design in mass production.

The Hummingbird Electronics product’s entered in both the Innovation and the Product design categories are the Silent Horn and Audio Alert System.

The Silent Horn is a replacement system for noisy machine horns. When installed, operators are able to contact drivers of trucks with a simple press of a button. Truck drivers receive a visual and audio alert and can identify which vehicle is contacting them; all without external noise.

The Audio Alert System is a unique safety innovation. It provides vehicle and machinery operators precise verbal readouts of common warnings and alarms that are often ignored when operating a vehicle.

Hummingbird’s National Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Bruce made comment, regarding the recent finalist nominations in the HMA awards. “The nomination as a finalist in the awards, not only celebrates innovation as a core value for Hummingbird Electronics. But also, with emphasises on the continuous implementation of product design and innovation by employees.”

This is the second time that Hummingbird have been nominated for the Excellence in Innovation award, in 2017 we were also finalists.

For more information about the Hunter Manufacturing Awards, click here

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